Farm for Sale at 58406 Moiese Valley Road in Charlo, MT for $10,500,000

58406 Moiese Valley Road | Charlo

$10,500,000 | 2 Baths

MOTIVATED SELLERS. The Moiese Valley Ranch is a true working ranch featuring irrigated cropland, fenced pasture, housing, facilities, and equipment embedded within an unparalleled western Montana landscape. Approximately 141 acres is completely uneased - without any codes, covenants, conservation easements, restrictions. A large portion of the ranch is encompassed by a Five Valleys Land Trust Conservation Easement that is in place to protect this ranch from development and to promote ranching, farming, and agriculture within the beautiful Mission Valley. There are three designated residential dwelling/farmstead areas located within the easement. With the snow capped peaks of the Mission Mountains to the east, the ranch is located within the Flathead Indian Reservation in a small countryside community - a short distance from Polson and the iconic, turquoise waters of Flathead Lake. Contact Joe Sangimino / Tanner Rauk at 406.407.4287, or your real estate professional. A well-established balance of irrigated cropland, facilities, rangeland, and homesteading acreage speaks to the year round utility of this ranch. Six center pivots and +/- 7 wheel lines irrigate approximately +/-1,250 acres of alfalfa, barley, triticale, corn, and grass hay mixes with significant water allotments. The water is delivered through a network of canals via the Flathead Irrigation Project. Historic yields range from approximately 10-20 tons per acre of corn silage, +/-20 tons per acre of triticale, +/-5-6 tons per acre for the established alfalfa, and +/-3 tons per acre for the new alfalfa. The non-irrigated acreage is utilized as fenced rangeland with native grasses. This well-furnished ranch is equipped with two +/-30,000-bushel grain storage bins, two silage pits, equipment, and implements to complement its productive farmland. The lower elevation of the Mission Valley relative to other parts of the state results in favorable farming climates, and longer growing seasons. It’s one of the contributing factors for the reputation of this area as having rich soil and high quality hay. This ranch spans nearly 3 miles from north to south with one large block of acreage and two smaller blocks a short distance down the road. Although it has a long history as an operational dairy, breeding Holsteins for year round milk-production, it is well-suited for beef production and other ranching/farming exploits. In 2023, it was milking approximately 750 cows and supporting an additional 92 dry cows + 654 heifers. With the addition of 600 more free stalls, it had an estimated carrying capacity of 1500 milking cows. The +/- 1,125 acres of fenced rangeland is estimated to support 280-340 AUMs on its own. However, with the cropland producing silage coupled with grain bins, silage pits, valley land and cattle sheltering facilities, the wintering capacity is substantial. Existing dairy facilities include free-stall barns for 750 cows, 850 covered sheds for young stock, a loafing shed for 100+ cows, maternity pens, and a double-15 parallel milking parlor fitted with no-slip platforms, automatic sprayers and drains, rapid-exit stalls, a 72,000 pound storage tank, etc. All equipment, vehicles, tools, silage, seed, and personal property owned by the ranch are negotiable separately. There are two parts of the ranch that are not contiguous with the main portion totaling about 356 acres. Each section of the ranch is accessible via gravel roads with the majority featuring flat valley topography. Approximately +/-1,125 acres is fenced rangeland accessible by ATV, horses, or trucks in certain locations. The highpoint of the ranch is +/- 3,740’ in elevation with a breathtaking view out over the Flathead River. There is a cell tower lease near the high point of the ranch that produces additional income. The Five Valleys Conservation Easement was organized to “preserve, protect, enhance, and restore, in perpetuity, the Conservation Values of the Protected Property… includ MTR 30027147

Directions to property: From Polson take kerr dam road for 2.2 miles to back road, continue on back road for 9.3 miles then turn right onto Round Butte Road. Go 1.7 miles then turn left onto Crow Dam Road. Go 4.5 miles then turn right onto Dellwo Road. Travel 0.8 miles to dairy entrance.

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58406 Moiese Valley Road, Charlo, MT 59824, US
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Joseph A. Sangimino
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Whitetail Properties Real Estate