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Is Your Home Too Air-Tight?

Did you know that your house needs to 'breathe' in order to have healthy air?  There are gases, toxins and moisture that need to be expelled from the inside, and fresh air needs to enter from the outside.
In an attempt to conserve energy and reduce heating costs, homeowners can make their homes too air tight.
When a fuel-burning appliance in your home doesn't get enough fresh air and fails to completely burn its fuel, carbon monoxide is produced. If ventilation is damaged or blocked or if you have a powerful kitchen fan, bathroom fan or open hearth fireplace, then carbon monoxide can be drawn back inside the house.
What are the signs that your home is too air tight?

Profitable Real Estate Investments

Except for some special circumstances, real estate historically has gone up in value over time.  Sometimes very quickly, sometimes slow but steady, and at times like a roller-coaster ride.  A look at the past 100 years shows that if you held onto real estate for at least 10 years, you probably made a good investment that yielded you a reasonable return.  That's certainly not the whole picture. There are many factors that impact return on investment, and learning as much as you can about real estate investing and the different options before investing is highly recommended.
Although there are many ways to approach investing in real estate, here are a few examples of real estate investments that can yield profits over a short term and/or long term holding period.

Building A New Home? Make Sure It's Green!

If you are planning to build a new home, then you should learn all about efficient building techniques that revolve around the importance of energy, water, and building materials conservation.  The amount of wasted energy, water, and materials from homes built in the past are not only costing American homeowners extra for heating, cooling, and general maintenance of their home, but it's costing the environment, which means everybody pays.

When building a new home today, you should be focused on meeting a new standard of clean, healthy, and efficient . . . a Green Home.