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Solving The Credit Score Puzzle

For many potential home buyers, understanding credit can be a confusing puzzle to solve. I'll try to help you put the puzzle together from the perspective of getting approved for a home mortgage.

The first step in securing financing for your next home will be a review of your credit. The lender will evaluate your credit score, payment history, balances carried, length of credit history, and types of credit. A not-so-good credit score can disqualify you for a mortgage if you do not meet the lender's minimum credit standards, it can affect your interest rate, and can raise your insurance costs.

Credit scores are comprised of five weighted factors:  payment history (35%), balances (30%), length of history (15%) type of credit (10%), and new credit (10%). Let's take a closer look at these components and some strategies to improve your score.

Buying a Waterfront Home? Questions You Should Ask

Living on the water, and especially on Flathead Lake or River, is an experience like no other. Many waterfront dwellers will tell you it's like being on vacation every day.  The view is stunning and the recreational and sporting opportunities are spectacular.  We are very fortunate to live here in this beautiful place and enjoy one of the cleanest natural lakes in the world.

When people think about buying a waterfront home they usually picture in their mind how great it will be. This certainly can be the case, but like most things, there are also potential issues to buying a waterfront property that you should try to avoid. Let's take a look at some of the questions you should ask before diving in . . . pun intended :-)