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What You Need To Know About Radon In Montana

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. There are no standard medical screening tests to detect exposure to radon.  Testing your home is the only way to know if radon levels are high. You can’t predict the amount of radon in your home based on how old or new your home is; it depends on the ground on which it is built.

Most of Montana falls within the highest potential for radon (Zone 1) according to Environmental Protection Agency data.  So, testing your home for radon levels is certainly recommended.  See the radon zone map for Montana:

The good news is that testing for radon is easy and inexpensive.  And, if you find your home has higher than safe radon levels, the problem can be solved by a relatively simple solution.

Should You Buy A Home With Unchangeable Flaws?

It's not your real estate agent's job to pick the house you will buy . . . it's 100% your decision.  However, it is important for your agent to point out any unchangeable adverse features the home may have.  These are features that will cause it to appeal to less buyers resulting in the home taking longer than average to sell, and conditions that will cause the home to sell for less than similar properties.

If the home has any adverse conditions that can't be changed, and you still want to buy the home, then your agent should caution you about the effect they may have when it's time for you to sell.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the home.  If you love it anyway, then buy it.  Your goal should be to buy it at below market value (knowing that you will be selling below market when that time comes).

When my past clients call me up and ask me to sell the house I helped them buy, I don’t want them to be surprised by the fact that their home has an adverse condition that will cause it to sell for less.  I want them to be fully informed.  My goal is to keep my customers for the life of my career, and hopefully they will enthusiastically recommend me to their friends and family.

So what are some of the possible 'adverse conditions' I'm referring to?  

First-Time Buyer? What You Need To Know

Buying your first home can be intimidating . . . downright scary.  Of course, you want to make the best decisions about your future, so you will need to gain the knowledge to prepare yourself to own your own home. 

If you would like to buy a home in 2017, there are things you should be doing right now to prepare yourself. Tackling each challenge, one at a time, may get you there faster than you think!

First, you need to know approximately how much you will be spending on your new home.  Use my website to search for homes in the areas where you want to live.  How much does a home cost that will work for your current and near future needs and expectations? 

Don't expect to live in a house like your parents.  This will be your first house, so compromising on space and amenities will probably be necessary.  Remember, location . . . location . . . location, are the 3 most important factors when buying a home.  You can always change the home itself, but you can't change where it is located.