First-Time Home Buyers

Read This Before Your Home Inspection

You found the perfect home and have an accepted purchase agreement . . . congratulations! Perhaps you looked at many houses, or maybe the first one you looked at was the one. Either way, you did it!

The next step, If you're like most buyers, is ordering the home inspection. Although you're really excited, you're probably also nervous about the home inspection, and perhaps confused about what to expect.

To help you with that, I've compiled a list of things you should know about home inspections. Read it over before the inspection so you can go to the inspection feeling more informed and get the most out of the process.

Buying a Home as a Sole Owner? Here are Some Things You Should Know

woman sitting on sofa reading beside traditional fireplaceSingle and thinking about buying a home on your own?  Do your research and take your time.  Start learning what you need to know several months before you are ready to start viewing properties.  The more you know and the better prepared you are, the quicker you will find the right home to meet your wants and needs.

There’s a huge sense of independence in owning your own home, being comfortable in your own living environment, and making your own rules and decisions.  I guess that's one of the reasons they call it the American Dream . . . the ability to have freedom and control over your space.

Many single women and men are buying their own homes. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors® single women accounted for 21% of all home purchases in the year ended this past June, while single men accounted for approximately 10%.

Here are a few important financial tips for single home buyers (women and men):

First-Time Buyer? What You Need To Know

Buying your first home can be intimidating . . . downright scary.  Of course, you want to make the best decisions about your future, so you will need to gain the knowledge to prepare yourself to own your own home. 

If you would like to buy a home in 2017, there are things you should be doing right now to prepare yourself. Tackling each challenge, one at a time, may get you there faster than you think!

First, you need to know approximately how much you will be spending on your new home.  Use my website to search for homes in the areas where you want to live.  How much does a home cost that will work for your current and near future needs and expectations? 

Don't expect to live in a house like your parents.  This will be your first house, so compromising on space and amenities will probably be necessary.  Remember, location . . . location . . . location, are the 3 most important factors when buying a home.  You can always change the home itself, but you can't change where it is located.