Building A New Home? Make Sure It's Green!

If you are planning to build a new home, then you should learn all about efficient building techniques that revolve around the importance of energy, water, and building materials conservation.  The amount of wasted energy, water, and materials from homes built in the past are not only costing American homeowners extra for heating, cooling, and general maintenance of their home, but it's costing the environment, which means everybody pays.

When building a new home today, you should be focused on meeting a new standard of clean, healthy, and efficient . . . a Green Home.

VIDEO - Polson Montana . . . We Love It!

Polson: We Love It! . . . by David King

Polson is one of Montana's beautiful year-round destinations! Located on the southern tip of Flathead Lake, Polson is a boating and fishing paradise, offering hiking, festivals, concerts, plays, golfing, camping, skiing and rich Native American culture.

Welcome to Polson Montana

Welcome to beautiful Polson, Montana, at the shores of Flathead Lake.

Breathtaking views of the Mission Mountains for all to enjoy!

Contact me for a personal tour of the unique real estate in Western Montana.